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Questions I get asked a lot

These are Social Media and Digital Content Management packages which basically mean that we take care of your online presence. Wether it’s just one social media platform or multiple digital channels (such as email, blog, Pinterest, podcast), we have the experience of handling everything so that the content we create reflects your voice and it takes this task off your shoulders.

If you choose any of the „Do it Yourself” offers, you have time enough on your hands to handle everything that has to do with your online presence by yourself. However, you still need guidance to get a grasp on how do do it strategically, in a way that impacts your audience. This is where I come in, to provide you the proper tools, knowledge and plan so you can easily follow through and actually enjoy the process.

Dacă te interesează unul dintre pachetele „Made for You”, din momentul în care avem discuția preliminară și batem palma, durează aproximativ 14 zile lucrătoare până vei vedea postările programate pe rețelele tale de Social Media. Vei primi un „Welcome Pack” împreună cu un chestionar, urmând ca imediat să încep lucrul la strategia de comunicare. După ce stabilim toate detaliile acestea, we can start posting!

Usually, when it comes to marketing, there can’t be promises made, BUT estimates can be made based on previous experience, the trends in the market and so on. However, Online Selling depends on SO MANY factors, there is an entire system that has to work like clockwork.  Social Media & content is only one is only part of that system, NOT the whole. What I can promise you, though, is that after working with me/my team, you will have so much more clarity, a solid plan, a creative content calendar, more time to do the things you love in your business, a content strategy that works for YOU, that reflects your personality and attracts the right audience. 

What I CANNOT promise you, though, is that you will automatically have sales. That is up to so many other components working religiously.