add the "wow" to your digital presence

Content that you LOVE creating... and your audience LOVES consuming?

Don’t mind if I do! Add a spark of personality and a routine you *actually* enjoy and you’ve got yourself the perfect recipe for a magnetic content plan that actually makes you eager to create!

cristina guraliuc consultant

Show YOUrself Online - challenge de 4 zile!

Este oficial ON! Alătură-te și tu provocării de a fi vizibilă în online așa cu meriți! În perioda 1-4 noiembrie vom sparge împreună bariere despre care nici nu știam că există, îți vei redobândi încrederea și vei învăța să strălucești în online la potențial maxim! Succesul e la o aruncătură de frici distanță. Ești gata?

Strălucește în spațiul online! Hai în programul intensiv „From Start to Success”!

Lovely, când creezi conținut pentru oamenii TĂI, ar trebui să ai fluturi în stomac și să te bucure întreaga experiență. În 2023 nimeni nu mai are timp de pierdut pe conținut plictisitor. Și nici tu n-ai timp de pierdut, că doar obiectivele acelea nu se vor îndeplini singure, am I right?  ÎNSCRIE-TE în cursul de Social Media & content care îți arată cum să îți croiești o strategie de conținut online care ți se potrivește mănușă și îți sprijină obiectivele! Dăm startul unei noi grupe în mai 2023, join in!

Supercharge your content in 2023! E timpul să creezi conținut digital cu INTENȚIE + IMPACT!

Lovely, îți arăt eu cum! Cum să planifici conținutul din mediul online în așa fel încât să ai o afacere împlinitoare – din toate punctele de vedere. Cum să nu mai irosești ore întregi aplicând toate strategiile din Univers doar ca să-ți dai seama că vorbești la pereți. Cum să creezi un plan editorial strategic care să-ți placă și să-ți aducă rezultate. Te invit la Power Hour Collective – membership hibrid intensiv sub puterea lui ÎMPREUNĂ! 

the truth is, if you have an online business, you need to have a digital presence...

...but you don't want to be spending hours glued to your keyboard. Because you're the wonderful professional your clients need, not the content creator the digital world make you believe you should be.
So, I am here to guide you to a content creation routine that doesn't leave you feeling like you have an extra part-time job.
Here is what I have in mind:


plan de continut online

a well-thought content strategy

You Create Purposeful Content

Writing a Social Media post or throwing a blog article out there just for the sake of it doesn’t work anymore. If you roll your eyes at the thought of “having” to create content – in whatever way, shape or form – is a clear sign that you’re not doing it with a purpose in mind. You might not even see how the Social Media &co. party fits in the general landscape called „Marketing”. Yes, I said „Marketing” – you’ll learn to love it.


Content with an attitude

You Are Your Business

After you’ve uncovered the real reason you create content, you’re going to model it to fit your personality. You’ll see just how easy it is to batch content for a month in advance when everything you create reflects your views and values. And no, you don’t need a special talent for writing – I read your mind – touché! 


A smart plan, one you enjoy applying

You Plan and Batch Create, With Music in The Background

Ok, maybe the music is optional. What is NOT optional, though, is the pleasure you create content with. I will teach you to plan and create content in your rhythm, with excitement, minus the draining feeling that “bleah, I have to create content again…”. It would be like having a conversation before coffee vs. after coffee. Spot the difference!

Încă nu te-ai înscris la provocarea „Show YOUrself Online”?

Lovely, nu aștepta să „fii pregătită”. Momentul potrivit e ACUM. Și dacă ai văzut mesajul ăsta, e semnul de care aveai nevoie că e rândul tău să strălucești!

rings a bell?

You want to create content with ease and joy, you know how important it is for your business. But with the huge pile of information the Internet keeps pushing your way, you're getting more confused. Besides, you don't really like writing that much either. And don't get me started with video!

Well, hello there! Cristina here

I help creative business people, just like you, add the spark to their Socials and reach a joyful content creation routine without losing themselves in the process!

Cristina Guraliuc consultant in comunicare

I know how it feels to have a fabulous gift, but no idea how to share it with the world.

How do you talk about it? Where do you even start? How much do you share? How often? But what if you run out of ideas? And, even worse, what if nobody CARES? Oh, I understand better than you think… But after writing hundreds of bilingual stories for over six years, I’ve learned that a SOLID PLAN + A TOUCH OF EXCITEMENT never fails.

And I will guide you towards reaching YOUR winning formula. No blueprints, no BS. You see, people just don’t have the time to read boring texts anymore, so you’ll want to impress your audience from the first sentence. 

I am going to help you add the “wow factor” to your content and I am going to walk you through a plan that fits your lifestyle, your season in business, your values and your…self. 

Let’s untangle the net of ideas and shed light on your content!


take my word for it, but also, this is what my clients say:

"I really loved Cristina's energy and way of teaching. I understood the importance of storytelling and how a content calendar should look like. I have a pretty long list of take-aways after just one session." - Raluca D. teacher

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Fill your mug (or your stemmed glass 🥂 – if you know what I mean) with your favourite drink, make yourself comfortable and get inspired by the most popular blog articles about content creation, building a business, productivity, Human Design in business, following your dreams, living abroad and everything in between. 


years of writing


people my writing made happy


coffees had. perhaps more, but who knows?


miles ran.

work with me!

It's About Time to Enjoy Creating Content!

Without taking the strategy and efficiency out of the equation. The whole idea of being visible online is to create a loyal community of people you love serving, while also focusing on propelling your business to success! If one of these is missing, book a Discovery Call with me and see if we’re a good fit. 

This is What I Can Do for You:

Social Media Management

Ideal package if you are ready to delegate some of your duties. Together with my team, we create content for you so that you have time to do exactly what you know best and what brings you joy (and money, of course).

VIP Virtual Day Intensive

A full afternoon together: either on Zoom or in person if you live in South Devon, where we map out your entire business. I’ll show you, step by step, WHAT, HOW and WHEN to post online in a way that is strategic, impactful and reflects your voice.

Content Days

Brainstorming, intensive sessions, where we meet & create a month’s worth of content. We not only come up with creative, valuable ideas, but we also film & shoot videos, images, interviews and so on, depending on the various content formats.