„made for you” Packages

Digital Content Management

Why would you even a Digital Content Manager when nobody knows your business better than you? Well, I have good news: we are not here to change that 😊.

We are here to be an extension of your business and make your authentic voice be heard and known! The „Made for You” packages are a good fit for you if you are overwhelmed with the roles you need to play in your business, you’re juggling all but getting nowhere with your online presence. Not without absolutely loathing it that is 😅. So, if creating content (Social Media posts, blog articles, newsletters and so on) are constantly the last thing on your list, but you know it is an essential compontent of growing your business – then you need to make a change. 

We create content for you, so you can focus on your superpowers.

What you have to offer is WONDEFRUL! It can improve lives, relaunch careers and reignite amazing business ideas! You know that, we know that, but does your audience know it too? 

It doesn’t help anybody to keep those superpowers to yourself, hidden in the backside pocket. We can help you put the lights on them. And that’s when you will naturally attract clients towards you. You see, together we are a perfect combo, much like coffee and milk. (or tea and milk, if coffee is not your cup of tea, haha – love a good pun!)

You bring the sharpness of mind and enthusiasm, while we dress up your superpowers in words that bring the buzz your business deserves! See? I told you: a perfect combo!

Chose between the „Made for You" packages:

Achiever Package

Basic Social Media management package. Ideal if you need a micro team to take care of your social media presence, but you haven’t got the time, the skills or the energy for this. 

Invincible Package

An „all-inclusive” package, ideal if you’re ready to look beyond social media and you’re ready to build a loyal community you can serve through other means such as email marketing, Pinterest, blogging, or podcasts. This is not just Social Media, it is the full plate.


For growing businesses

Achiever Package

The basic Social Media management package is perfect when you’re just starting out or you’re new to this whole “digital thing.” It will also make a difference for you if the idea of constantly posting on socials to build your audience and attract sales scares you. This basic social media management package will also be a good fit if you simply don’t have the time or the energy to learn all the new trends. The package includes:

– A one-time-only 90-minute initial content strategy;

– Defining the content pillars;

– 4 weekly posts on a SM platform of your choice (text + graphics/images) that reflect your authentic voice.

– Your tailored CONTENT DAY! This is a designated day in the month where we’ll brainstorm ideas together, shoot and film content & have loads of fun, while we come up with a whole month’s worth of content!

– Content calendar included;

– Social Media handbook;

– Google Drive folder with all materials included;

– Quarterly reports;

– Your own in-house social media agency working for you!


Invincible Package

The “Invincible” page was specifically designed for businesses that are ready for full coverage in their digital presence. For businesses that have reached a point where nothing can stop them!

So, if you’ve come to a point where you no longer doubt your expertise and more and more customers benefit from it, BUT you know you can’t keep trading time for money and you need to automate some business processes, then this option is perfect for you.

It is also a good fit when you have a good, solid project, your website is well-built, you plan on launching a course/webinar/workshop/lead magnet and you want to attract ideal customers to your email list. At the same time, the idea of exploring various other platforms, that your competition might not be focusing their attention on (hello, Pinterest!) sounds appealing. 

Me and my team will handle everything content & co, NOT JUST Social Media. This is what you get when you choose the Invincible Package:

– Everything on the Achiever Package (see above) + 

– Wording, paging and sending two newsletters/month (fortnightly),

– Either one comprehensive, SEO-friendly blog article/month OR Pinterest management – your choice,

– Professional support in all Marketing campaigns.


my super customers say:

"Cristina and her team took a huge burden off my shoulders and helped me build consistency with my Social Media presence, which is exactly what I was lacking on. I really loved Cristina's energy and her writing is impeccable, I felt like we were on the same page. I highly recommend her to everybody who wants an expert team creating professional and wholehearted posts that will then attract lovely customers.”
Crina Dodea
Hairstylist & trainer

my super customers say:

"I can't recommend Cristina enough! She will help you generate professional, exceptional-quality content. What I really loved about her is that she has thoroughly documenting my field of expertise, so she could write from my perspective, which gave the content a maximum of impact and clients respond really well. On top of that, she is a wonderful person, so enthusiastic about her work and she is a joy to work, co-create and grow with!
Roxana Bucur
Financial Strategist

ready for success?

Here is what to expect from your new in-house team

You must know that I am a huge fan of storytelling. So this is YOUR story, you are the hero of it – my role is to be the guide, the one who helps you reach the destination and enjoy the ride. What does “destination” mean? Well, it can have multiple meanings. It could be “more customers,”  “visibility,” “value,” or “more time for the things you really love doing.” 

You name it.

It’s your story!

When you chose me and my team as guides, you’re in for an adventure! Our ride is going to be anyway, BUT boring. I am here to trust in your potential and get other people to trust in it too.

We will have countless coffees together, we’ll complain about the weather, we’ll laugh and we’ll plan and we’ll do it all over again, all the while making the digital content work for you. 

I believe in your business as much as you do and I care.

Does it sound like a team you’d like?

Your content works for you while you enjoy your life!

Are you ready for MORE of the things that really matter?

What you’ll love the most about the whole experience of working together is that it “creates” time to enjoy your life more. No more spending extra hours to create those “boring posts!”

We do that. You do YOU ✨