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If you want to create content that builds communities and brings value,

you’re in the right place! My name is Cristina, I am a digital content strategist, storyteller and Social Media manager and I can help you turn the content creation routine in a joyful experience! No more “argh, I don’t know what to post today” or “I don’t feel like doing anything” (I swear I can hear Bruno Mars singing). Choose between two options of working with me and let’s start transform this into a joyful experience that ultimately leads to a successful business.

based on your needs and budget

I can show you how to create converting content by yourself or you can let me and my in-house team do the work for you.

The content strategy plays a pivotal role, even if you’re new in the online space or you’re already in the big league.

A critical step you need to take to propel your ideas to success is to build a community of loyal people who see you as their no.1 resource in your field of expertise and they can’t wait to invest in your knowledge. 
Here is how I can help you, depending on the season your business is in right now: 

👊 „Do It Yourself” options – as the name suggests, these are services that include 1-to-1 consulting and courses with everything you need to know about content strategy, Social Media presence & co.;

🤝 “Made for You” packages – Social Media & Digital Content Management – we create content for your digital presence, so you can take care of other aspects that make the ball rolling in your business.

In a nutshell:


consultant in comunicare online

if you can do everything by yourself, but lack the clarity:

I will be your guide. With my expertise, you'll learn how to create a content strategy that feels good and aligned with your lifestyle and your business goals

If you still feel like you can’t let go and you want to personally take care of your brand’s online presence – then the “Do It Yourself” options are just what you need.
I know what it’s like to wear all the hats – you’re the creator, the marketer, the content writer, customer service, the CEO, looking for financing solutions. Phew! (try to say them all in a breath!).
The VIP Day Intensive experience would be enlightening. A full afternoon together will help you create an efficient content strategy! I am soon launching the online course “From Start to Success in Online” and that is a similar experience, adding the power of working in a group. The goal here is to work “smarter, not harder” – and that’s exactly what I’m offering you: the chance to finally build a foundation so that EVERYTHING you communicate online is in sync with your purpose, your personality, your brand!

if you're ready to delegate

We're creating the content and you're creating the magic ✨

The packages “Made For You” include full or partial management of the digital platforms on which your business is present. Think: Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, blog articIes, podcast brainstorming and repurposing and so on). You see the “we” in the title because this is where my dream team comes into play 🙌 Depending on your needs, we can handle one or two social media platforms, we can help you grow through email marketing, SEO and articles, Pinterest and more. 

It’s having an entire in-house team working just for you and your business goals. Our goal is that when you rest your head on the pillow at night, the last thing on your mind is the messages you haven’t read, the emails you haven’t sent or the posts you forgot to write.
We do all this so that you have the energy to work on what lights you up! 


what other clients are saying:

"I recommend Cristina because she helps you create quality, professional content. Not only this, but she is such an incredible person, her enthusiasm and joy of creating are contagious." Sabina Voinea - Consultant Montessori

Cristina Guraliuc consultant in comunicare

It's time for a different kind of content!

Are you ready to grow your business YOUR way?

There has never been a better time for your message to reach the right people! Let me help you build an efficient plan and a joyful content creation routine – yes, you can have both. 

We’ll turn Content Day into your favourite day of the week, pinky promise.

No more „but what do I post today?”
How about that?