Ever since we moved to the UK, our lives went into a spiral of events and challenges, none of which we could have predicted entirely. I leave room for doubt, of course, because one must always be cautious when making such a life-changing decision such as moving abroad. But, either way, having moved with my family – my daughter who was 1 yo back then and my husband – made things a lot easier. And complicated at the same time, duh! I won’t go in more details, I wrote another article on the challenges of moving abroad when you have kids.

The point is none of the challenges I, personally, as a mum and a woman, have faced, had anything to do with the language I spoke. I mean, literally.

I know one of the greatest setbacks when moving abroad is the language. How are you going to make yourself understood, how are you going to answer to all those “inside jokes” (Uh! British humour is from a whole different planet, I’ll tell you that!), how on Earth are you going to lecture your kids in a foreign country?!? Because I promise you, they WILL speak that language better than you, haha!

I faced the same challenge, even though I had a language test I passed with flying colours and English has never been an issue to me. Unlike French. I can’t get my head around French, sorry!

When you’re completely new to the mother tongue of your adopting country, I believe it’s a whole lot worst. But let me tell you something: THIS does NOT have to be a setback. It doesn’t have to be the main barrier between you and your success. It should actually propel you to your dream life.

If it sounds like I’m talking nonsense, it’s because you might not have completely uncovered what it is that makes you completely happy. What makes you wake up early in the morning, eager to start working on.

  • Maybe you’re still exploring.
  • Maybe you have a job that secures your finances.
  • Maybe you haven’t thought about starting your own “super-special-something”.
  • Maybe you’re so busy with your daily chores.

  • Maybe motherhood seems like more than enough at the moment.

Choose your reason and I’ll shatter it!

You are (going to be) multilingual.

This is something you should be super proud of!

And if you’re starting to learn that new language from scratch, then double congratulations! You are going to live an amazing experience, pushing your brain to limits it never even thought existed.

And I’ll tell you another thing I wish I knew right from the moment we set foot on English land: success speaks an international language!

That’s right, go ahead and digest the information for a while.

You don’t need to be born in a certain country to be successful.

Moreover, what does SUCCESS even mean to you? Because here is the trick: define success and you’re halfway through.

If those posh, fancy dresses and expensive SPA sessions are sooo not you, then delete them from the list.

What do you want more precisely?

What makes you happy?

What comes into your mind when you close your eyes and you envision your life 5 years from now?

THAT, my new mum in the block, is what SUCCESS truly is!

And that’s why I say it doesn’t matter what language you speak. Because success speaks ALL of them!

Until next time,