Create and Manifest your Dream Life one heartfelt conversation at a time

My dearest, it’s time to embark on the journey of experiencing the life you’ve always intended by aligning with your true self – the one who has patiently awaited your self-reflection. Start creating and manifesting your best life! Take a genuine look within.
Consciously create and manifest your best life!
You are called to delve deep, do the work, and co-create in a safe place, around a virtual table, in the transformative energy of the group!

LUnch with a mirror is happening! Surprises and magic are sure to unfold!

We are gathering every Monday, 12:00 CET time.
This is a donation-based event, so take a seat:

nourishing your mind, heart, body and spirit at the same time

Here is what Lunch with a Mirror is about:

Throughout my extensive 20-year journey as a trainer and coach, I have come to realize that embracing change becomes immensely challenging when we lack a neutral mirror, or in other words, a deep understanding of ourselves in present.

Whether we aspire for greater well-being, wealth-being, success, or fulfilling relationships, they all share a common starting point: YOU. Your being.

Hence, „Lunch with a Mirror” serves as your personal space to introspect and explore your true self. Each session will revolve around a theme tailored to the goals, desires, and questions of those present. Why am I here? What do I genuinely yearn for? How can I enhance my life even further? These are the profound inquiries we shall embark upon, uncovering the answers together.

We will spend 1.5 hours together in a group setting, led by me, Cristina Chiș, your host. Throughout our session, I will draw upon various effective coaching techniques such as solution-focused coaching, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Ericksonian coaching, visualization methods, transgenerational tools, energy reading, and energy work. I am committed to bringing an extensive array of tools and techniques to our table, dedicated to your growth and personal development. I assure you that part of this transformative journey involves being challenged and encountering triggers, as they serve as opportunities for profound growth and self-discovery.

Mark your calendar

Monday, July 31st, 12:00 CET/11:00 BST

During our time together, we will not only enjoy a shared lunch but also engage in meaningful and profound conversations, exercises, and insights that revolve around rediscovering your true self. Our sessions will continuously evolve based on the questions you ask, the areas of focus we select, and the thought-provoking discussions we have. Additionally, we recommend savoring a light lunch that nourishes both the body and soul, adding to the overall experience.

Meet the hoast of lunch with a mirror

Hello, I'm Cristina

Over the course of my 20-year career, delivering training workshops and similar programs, I have consistently noticed one common thread: the most memorable moments arise unexpectedly, during spontaneous discussions where we deeply engage with your own cases and topics. It is in those instances that we truly co-create.

Having assisted over 9000 individuals, I have guided them in discovering what sparks their true inner power and how to align their choices with the life they aspire to create.
What I genuinely desire from these impromptu group coaching sessions is to address your current deepest desires.
In other words, I am eager to delve into what keeps you awake at night. Nothing is too “insignificant,” there will be no taboos and more importantly, nothing is too big for our table.

The "table code":


Every individual’s unique perception serves as an additional mirror reflecting different angles of self-awareness. As part of our enriching journey, we will invite guest speakers who will serve as diverse „mirrors,” offering a multitude of perspectives and areas of expertise for you to explore and gain insights from.


We prioritize insights and transformation over mere talk or sharing of knowledge. You will be encouraged and supported to implement practices, exercises, and challenges into your daily life.
There will also be a space for you to share the impact of these practies in between sessions, in a close, intimate group in throughout the week. You will actually start creating your new reality!


You will leave the place feeling empowered and more connected to your higher self.


I envision you as the centerpiece of our table (what else?). Alongside a nourishing lunch, we will explore the depths of your being and uncover the vision of who you aspire to become in all areas of your life. We will delve into various dimensions, including your true identity, desires, relationship with money, definition of success, freedom, and happiness. 

We will transcend fixed spiritual orientations and embrace a broader sense of spirituality. Additionally, we can delve into the essence of your femininity and masculinity, explore dating and relationship dynamics, establish daily rituals for success and fulfillment, visualize your future, master the art of manifesting your desires, navigate emotions, embrace authentic and healthy sexuality, and prioritize nutrition and body care. 

This integrative approach will guide you in embodying your higher self in everyday life. Rest assured, we are open to exploring any other intense and taboo subjects that may arise if we did not mention it here.

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Sounds Like a Date?

If everything sounds appetizing, you are so, so welcome to join in! We start our week by empowering each other in this live group coaching format. For the time being, we invite you to secure your spot for an enriching experience donation-based. However, please note that it will transition into a paid event in the future.