Hi, there, business mama!

As creative entrepreneurs and mums, we tend to get overwhelmed whenever life throws us lemons. Our creativity is constantly put to test and when we’re juggling with a massive amount of chores and personal difficulties, staying inspired might seem as impossible as an elephant dancing in a china shop without touching any of the pots and vases.

I know, I do, honestly. I am a creative mumpreneur as well, been writing personalised books for years now and I’ve had to deal with lots of challenges, from moving to another country, to losing my dad – while still having to be creative.

When our businesses depend on our imaginative selves, a set of tactics to stay on top can be life-saving!

This mini-course is all about mastering the basics.

I can’t wait for you to dig in!


Module 1 The Big WHY
Lesson 1 My promise to You – watch this before you start
Lesson 2 WHY Mindset is so important!
Lesson 3 Journaling & your “Big Why”
Module 2 Positive Affirmations
Lesson 1 Learn to have a positive mind
Module 3 Meditation
Lesson 1 Just breathe…
Module 4 The Screen Exercise
Lesson 1 Play the leading role
Module 5 YOUR Story
Lesson 1 Change that inner story
Module 6 Dare to Fail
Lesson 1 Challenge the Perfectionist
Module 7 Final Thoughts
Lesson 1 Congratulations!
Module 8 Resources
Lesson 1 Download the resources
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