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  • Master your Mindset – mini course for creative mumpreneurs

    Hi, there, business mama!

    As creative entrepreneurs and mums, we tend to get overwhelmed whenever life throws us lemons. Our creativity is constantly put to test and when we’re juggling with a massive amount of chores and personal difficulties, staying inspired might seem as impossible as an elephant dancing in a china shop without touching any of the pots and vases.

    I know, I do, honestly. I am a creative mumpreneur as well, been writing personalised books for years now and I’ve had to deal with lots of challenges, from moving to another country, to losing my dad – while still having to be creative.

    When our businesses depend on our imaginative selves, a set of tactics to stay on top can be life-saving!

    This mini-course is all about mastering the basics.

    I can’t wait for you to dig in!