• celebrate halloween as a foreigner

    How I’ve learned to celebrate Halloween! About settling into a new country successfully

    Settling into a new country can be a tricky thing. There are so many ideas on how to successfully adapt to your new environment, but I believe it’s more of a personal choice. We moved from Romania to the UK three years ago and what struck me the most was the way time seemed to have a different value. It’s like England was trapped in a different time and space dimension because people were incredibly calm and slow. Everything, from queueing (which sometimes takes forever!), to having a conversation with a stranger, goes too slowly (in my opinion, obviously). And you know what? I LOVE it! I come from a country where everything is speeding up. Things are happening fast. Act…

  • International mums in business

    “Sorry, I am multiligual!”

    I believe one of the biggest setbacks I had when I was thinking of starting a business in a foreign country was that… I wasn’t speaking the language. Well, at least not to perfection. I always had this inside of me, I wanted to speak the “music” within a foreign language, not just mimic it. Apparently, this phenomenon is called “the chameleon effect” and it happens to people who are good at empathising with others. According to a 2010 study lead by a research group at the University in California, Riverside, this “chameleon effect” is actually in our nature. It describes the human’s instinct to belong and relate. Knowing this didn’t make me feel better, to be honest, because I still…