Make THIS business shine!

Business Makeover

All lights on you ✨

Your business should be your ticket to joy and freedom. If it’s anything BUT this, it’s time for a makeover!

Picture having two experts working with you, side by side, in reshaping your business so that it becomes your ultimate source of satisfaction. So that, when you look back one year from now, you know you’ve built yourself a solid, successful business, not a fragile house of cards.

business strategy + content marketing strategy

Let's map out your unique Business Growth Strategy for 2024! Because in business, making a wish and hoping for the best is not enough. Not even close!

You could be doing alright with sales. They come here and there, you also post frequently on Social Media and, while things seem to be moving slower than you’d wish, you’re doing ok-ish.

And yet you feel like there has to be more than this! This can't be what success feels like...

… and you’re right. It isn’t. And that, dearest, is what we are here to help you with: be 100% with you in designing the roadmap to success, one that feels aligned, and uplifting, bearing YOUR signature!

So, if you want more:

✨ Aligned clients, that are a breeze to work with,

✨ Targeted offers, that speak directly to your potential clients,

✨ Ease in the way you run your business,

✨ Clarity in what you are communicating online,

✨ Of a strategic approach to how you’re pricing your offers and a smarter timeline for when and how to launch them.

or simply put,

You can't wait to scale your online business in your own terms,

then „Business Makeover” is calling your name. A 4-hour in-depth business strategy session with not one, but TWO experts who will shake things up, reframe and realign, so that your business starts generating sales in a healthy, sustainable way. One that is unique to YOU.

€ 720

€ 720

we mean business! And we know you do too!

Meet your guides:

Bianca Zen,

business consultant & mentor

Cristina Guraliuc,

digital content strategist

from overwhelm to "i know exactly what to do"

"It felt fantastic to have all the eyes, energy and force directed towards my dream!"

Business Makeover has been the best choice I could ever make to set the pillars of the most important professional project in my life! The trio-power formula with Bianca and Cristina was exactly what I needed. The hours we spent together to shape the strategy came with countless invaluable insights. Not to mention the fabulous boost of energy and empowerment, the know-how sharing, and the clear direction and plan we’ve set together! The feeling of having a couple of laser-focus hours when all the eyes, energy and force were directed towards my dream was fantastic. I am beyond proud of what came out after working on my Business Makeover! 

— cristina d., change strategist

Have the plan. execute it. celebrate.

Here's what you'll get from
the Business Makeover experience

We want you to walk away with a clear, strategic plan to getting thigs done. This time for good! No cookie-cutters, no recipes, no detours, no moving the furniture around – we’re going straight to what will move the needle in your business, YOUR way.

In-depth work with two experts

For 4 hours, you’ll get our undivided attention on crafting a strategy for your business growth. All lights are on you, though. You’ll geet guidepoints and insightful suggestions, a wide pallette of options for you to choose from. 

A plan for sustainable results

If you felt like you’ve had to push against wall after wall to make this business work, only to reach a dead-end, Business Makeover clears the path to your success. It puts the light on all the lefts and rights you need to take so that you reach that level of fulfilment that no book can show you.

confidence and clarity

Say goodbye to overwhelm and procrastination. Actually, do you know what? Say „adios!”, because it’s none of their business how you run your… business. Love a good pun! We’re your main cheerleader and you’ll walk away feeling confident and inspired, ready to take action!

Business Assessment

Prior to your Business Makeover day, we will assess the current „status” of your business. We need to know where you’re at, so we know where you’re heading to.

Tailored Resources

The 360° plan is created to meet your needs and your definition of success. You’ll get tailored resources to accompany you further on your journey.

unique content strategy

We will also assess your online presence and create a content strategy plan that feels like „this is SO me!”. Plus, it brings joy to put it into motion and it attracts the type of clients you can’t wait to work with!

Who is this for

This is a good fit for you if:

You’re a woman with a service-based online business and you’re committed to doing the things and walking the talk! If it were for you, you’d have started things yesterday.

we don't usually make offers, but when we do... they're big!

Ready to scale your online business?

– In a powerful 4 hour long session, we will be mapping out your unique business strategy for 2024, so you can start the year full steam ahead. 

You will also get a comprehensive business assesment prior to your Business Makeover day. You’ll walk away with a clear, full picture of your sales strategy, offers + pricing, and a tailored online communication strategy, Social Media included, because we know that just having a brilliant idea and a great heart won’t do. People need to know about your magical business, and digital content is not optional. 

€ 720

€ 720

wait, i still have questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Whoop-whoop! We’re super excited you decided to take your business to your next level of success and we know how absolutely thrilled and unpatient you must feel.

And we decided that, since it’s such an intimate experience and we’re going to be diving deep into the foundation of your business, it’s best to let the taste of the winter festivities slowly slip away, so we can all focus our attention on our dear ones. 

We’ll then start anew, full steam ahead, in January! What do you say? Doesn’t it feel amazing to start the year with this energy? There are various dates you can choose from, four in January and three in February. 

Our aim is to have 4 hours of start-to-end productive, laser-focused work, with a hydration & snack break in the middle. You are invited to bring with you whatever makes you feel comfortable and safe: a warm cuppa, a glass of Limoncello, a freshly made matcha, water, a pillow, slippers – whatever you need. It’s important that you feel comfortable, you are going to be in a safe space, however, when working so intensely, you might feel like you need a break.

You can have it anytime you want. Also, you know what they say: time flies by when you’re having fun… uhm, I mean, when you’re working.

Due to the ultra-personalised nature of this service and because the places available are extremely limited, unfortunately, we cannot offer any refunds. We do, however, take responsibility for putting all our knowledge of 25+ years of cumulated experience and meet you halfway with the commitment you’re making to actually take the steps and climb the ladder.

This is why it’s important that you make the decision to invest,  knowing all the essential pieces. Check this landing page again and if you still feel like there’s an extra nudge you need or something is still not clear, please send me an email at and I’ll back at you with the support you need.

First of all, aww! Who wouldn’t want a friend like you?

Second of all, of course! This is such a thoughtful idea, please send me an email at and we’ll arrange all the details. We don’t want to spoil the surprise, do we?

No, the structure of Business Makeover is designed in such a way that there are no templates or assisting materials to be used. We suggest you bring a pen and a reliable notebook, coloured pencils, post-its and basically whatever makes you feel creative, because we are going to think outside the box!

And we’re doing it LIVE, with you, in the moment, no rehearsals. This is IT!

So, no, no workbooks this time.


Ready to make 2024 YOUR year in business?

We are honestly so hyped up about Business Makeover because we know what an impact it can have on your business and life. Over the years of growing our many businesses (yes, plural!), we’ve learnt that, while you can absolutely do things by yourself, it’s so much easier, enjoyable and tears-saving to get support if you can.

Business Makeover is a program we both wished we’d stumbled upon when we were trying everything with no results.

When we were spending sleepless nights trying to figure out why we’d had another failed launch.

When we were brainstorming by ourselves, alone, in a kitchen corner, trying to make ends meet, worried we might have to abandon ship and get a job.

We know, and we’re telling you that we’d love to help you write a different story. A success story!