Welcome! This is a place for expat mums to find the inspiration and drive they need to follow their dreams! If you’re now joggling the motherhood, the romantics and THE language and feel like there must be more to it, then this is the place for you.

I am Cristina Guraliuc, Romanian mum and writer living in the UK with my family. Over the years of writing bilingual stories for children out of my adoptive country’s home, I have come to understand at a very deep level the struggles a newcomer mum faces when moving overseas. I know that change is a real setback and it gets sooo easy to lose track of our true selves when we need to constantly adapt and be there for our families.

But I believe we can have it all.

We can THRIVE in a foreign country – fit in, make the friends we so desperately need, be better parents and lovers AND still reach for our dream business.

You see, I believe you can’t have one without the other. They are like pieces of a puzzle – take one piece and you’ll miss the whole picture.

I am here to guide you towards finding THAT missing piece – the one you have a calling for. That business you were meant to build and rise to reach for the sky.

If there is something tugging at your heart, even though everything seems right (but especially if it doesn’t), then you’re meant to be greater!

Every woman can do it.

Every woman can follow her heart without the fear of missing out on her children growing up.

Every woman can build her own empire – even if it’s in between kids’ naps and doing laundry – YES, you don’t have to wait until your pile of laundry points out through the roof. You can do it both (I know this is something sooo many women struggle with lol).

And all it takes is that FIRST STEP.

The rest will follow. You’ve probably seen it on your own child(ren). That first step was all it took for them to gain the confidence they needed.

Then everything came so, so natural.

It will happen to you too!

Are you ready to take that first step towards building your business abroad?