I know. Life is already complicated when you live in a new country, to even dare to follow your dreams. Plus, what does that even mean? And what will people think? What if you leave the financial security of a well-paid job to plunge into the unknown and risk it all only to realise your dreams have set you up? Way too many questions!

The way I see it, you will never know what your dreams might bring in your life unless you actually DECIDE to give them a chance. As the saying goes,

“a comfort zone is a beautiful place to be, but nothing ever grows there.”

So how do you know it’s about time to follow your dreams?

Define your “comfort zone” to begin with.

What makes you feel comfortable and safe? What makes it for your life to be predictable? What are your routines?

For me, comfort zone meant being a stay-at-home-mum, only working on my dream when I had the time, always relying on my husband to financially support our family, being a constant support for him. I am not saying there is something wrong with staying at home and dedicate yourself to your family, on the contrary! I find it a noble thing to do, as long as you’re completely HAPPY and AT PEACE with doing so.

Which brings us to the second question you need to ask yourself: does living in this comfort bubble makes you feel fulfilled?

Because if it doesn’t, then it’s a clear sign that you need to do a self-analysis and follow your dreams.

Most of the women I spoke with for the last couple of years since I became a mumpreneur myself, said they were beginning to feel “empty”, “overwhelmed” and “impossibly grumpy” – and that’s how they knew something had to change.

Personally, I felt totally disheartened, like I was incomplete. I felt deep inside my soul that there had to be more than this. My life couldn’t have possibly been all about changing diapers, making goofy faces, be there non-stop to fulfil somebody else’s needs and making money here and there.  

I felt like I have forgotten how to be ME, the woman, the creator!

That’s how I knew!

The urge to follow your dreams can come disguised in many other shape and forms. The great news is that you have an internal compass to guide you. All you need to do is to let yourself be guided because oftentimes we are standing in our way by being so super-busy or worried or distracted, that we fail to listen to that inner voice.

So, take some time to do a little bit of inner work. Journal, meditate, go for walks in nature – whatever helps clearing your mind space, so that you can make room for those silenced thoughts to speak up.

You’ll find that as soon as you start to pay attention, they’ll become louder and clearer. They’ll ask not only for reflection, but for action!

Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself when you plan to go down this road:

– What ignites me?

– At night, when everybody’s asleep, what do I think about?

– What do I really, really enjoy doing and I would not stop for an entire day or even week?

– What do people I’m really great about?

– What do people aske me most of the time?

– What was something I really enjoyed doing, but I had to stop because I became a mum/moved abroad/challenges occurred?

Take some time to answer these questions. Be super honest and the dream will reveal itself, I promise.

And when that happens, I can’t wait for you to